Science Engagement


Evaluating science outreach

Daniel Solis

Science Communication is about engaging people with science, but how do we know whether the aim has been accomplished or not? The aim of this research is to answer this question for the science outreach carried out in venues like Otago Museum.


Inspiring Australia: An Evaluation Tool for Science Engagement Activities

Nancy Longnecker, Jo Elliott & Mzamose Gondwe

Australian National Science Week events provided an opportunity to develop and trial a set of evaluation tools that allow providers to critically measure the impact of their events. This report details the resulting tools - the Inspiring Australia Evaluation Resource Kit - and evaluates their ability to capture program impact. Results from the use of these evaluation tools during National Science Week events are also discussed. 

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Impacts of participation in science outreach on programme presenters

Nantida Sripaoraya

The aim of the research is to examine the impact of participating as an explainer in a science outreach program of high school and undergraduate students in term of science fluency, career or academic decision-making, and skills or knowledge development.


Cameras for Conservation: How Photographing Wildlife Affects Engagement with Biodiversity

Emma Hanisch

In this research inspired by the author's own life experience, participants were assigned to either photograph wildlife, observe wildlife, or do nothing (control), and then answered questions about their engagement with biodiversity and nature in 5 different categories. Results indicate that photography may be a useful tool for fostering people's engagement with the natural world.


A study of visitor behavior and impact of the NSM Science Caravan

Ekapong Sripaoraya

This research project aims to focus on observation and analysis of the behaviour of visitors to NSM outreach program, the Science Caravan. It seeks to identify, analyse and understanding the impact of NSM Science Caravan on school students.