Nancy Longnecker

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Professor Nancy Longnecker has been at the University of Otago since 2014. Before moving to New Zealand, she developed and ran the Science Communication program at the University of Western Australia from 2002. Professor Longnecker has authored or coauthored 80+ peer-reviewed or edited publications. She has supervised 47 student research projects to completion and managed grants worth a total exceeding $4M. Her current research looks at factors that affect people's attitudes towards science-related issues and aims to improve impact of science outreach and engagement.

At UO, Nancy has taught:

  • SCOM 406 Science Exhibitions and Interpretation (2014-2017)
  • SCOM 404 Science Communication Internship (2015-2017)
  • SCOM 409 Introduction to Science Communication (2017)

At UWA, Nancy developed and taught:

  • SCOM1101 Introduction to Scientific Practices (2012- 2014)
  • SCOM2208/4701 Science Writing (2003- 2011)
  • SCOM3319/5702 Exhibitions & Interpretation (2005- 2014)
  • SCOM3320/5308 Communication Strategies for Change (2004-2014)
  • SCOM3321/5703 Science & the Media (2005- 2011)
  • SCOM4702 Science Communication Literature Review (2007- 2014)
  • SCOM5307 Evaluating Science Engagement (2012- 2014)
  • SCOM5810- 5815 Science Communication Dissertation (2010- 2014)

Before becoming a science communication academic, Nancy was an agricultural research scientist, studying in the USA and then doing research in Australia. She became a professional science communicator with a cooperative research centre in Perth. Her transition from agricultural researcher to science communication was propelled in 1999 with the publication of Passion for Pulses, a cookbook which shares recipes using chickpeas, beans and other legumes.

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