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Attitudes and motivation for participation of New Zealand
Garden Bird Survey participants

Information sheet for participants

Thank you for your interest in this project.  Please read this information sheet carefully before deciding whether or not to participate.  If you decide to participate we thank you.  If you decide not to take part there will be no disadvantage and we thank you for considering our request. 

This project aims to assess motivations for participating in citizen science and explore the role of the NZ Garden Bird Survey Facebook group in supporting and retaining volunteers.

 In order to participate, you must be at least 18 years of age and be a member of the NZ Garden Bird Survey Facebook group. You will be asked to take an online survey, which will take about 5 minutes to complete. You may decide not to take part in the project without any disadvantage to yourself, and will be able to exit the survey at any time by simply closing your browser window. Participation is entirely voluntary. People who complete the survey have the option of going into a draw for a prize.

While not required to answer any of the survey questions, the raw data that will be requested may include some personal information such as your gender, age, income, region of residence and education level. You will only be asked to provide your name and contact details if you are interested in and available for a follow-up interview.

Not all participants who are available for a follow-up interview will be interviewed. Those who will be interviewed will be asked to participate in a short 10-15 minute interview aimed at further understanding motivations for participating in the NZ Garden Bird Survey, its Facebook group and perceptions about the support that social media can provide. Interviews will be conducted face-to-face or via telephone or Skype. All interviews will be audio recorded. During the interviews, participants will have the option to withdraw at any time, and will be reminded of their right to decline to answer any of the questions asked.

Collected data including survey data and audio recordings of interviews will be securely stored on a password-protected server; only the researchers will be able to access it. Anonymous data obtained as a result of the research will be retained for at least 5 years in secure storage, and in most cases kept indefinitely. The results of the project may be published and will be available in the University of Otago Library (Dunedin, New Zealand), but every attempt will be made to preserve your anonymity. In the completed research, individuals will not be identified by name without express, written consent. A summary report of the research will be available from the website: www.longneckerlab.net

If you have any questions about our project, either now or in the future, please feel free to contact:

Professor Nancy Longnecker                  or               Andrea Liberatore
Centre for Science Communication                           Centre for Science Communication
03 479 7885                                                                03 479 9276
nancy.longnecker@otago.ac.nz                                 andrea.liberatore@otago.ac.nz


This study has been approved by the Department stated above. If you have any concerns about the ethical conduct of the research you may contact the University of Otago Human Ethics Committee through the Human Ethics Committee Administrator (ph 03 479-8256). Any issues you raise will be treated in confidence and investigated and you will be informed of the outcome.