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Emma Schranz

Emma is a film Director & Writer with an undergraduate degree in Digital Media (film) and a PostGradDip. in Natural History Film-Making & Communication. Emma's research focus has been on the atypical patient experience with breast cancer communication during and after their treatment in New Zealand. Her desire is to improve communication to atypical groups (i.e. young women, Maori/Pacifica, men etc.) who may fall outside of the majority of demographics most targeted by breast cancer campaigns.

Recommendations from Emma's study include:

  • the development of age appropriate resources for young adults with cancer
  • improvements in cultural awareness and methods to avoid cultural and linguistic barriers for ethnic patients
  • encouragement for medical professionals and support services personnel to self-educate and gain feedback to improve their communication styles
  • to mitigate negative survivorship issues and;
  • ensure gender inclusivity in campaigns and online information, even for ‘female-centric’ diseases like breast cancer.

Her focus moving forward is to continue to address issues surrounding survivorship.