NSM  Science Caravan,  Thailand

NSM Science Caravan, Thailand

Ekapong Sripaoraya

Ekapong SRIPAORAYA is a PhD student. Formerly, he had been working as a science communicator at the National Science Museum, Thailand (NSM) for 10 years. His particular responsibilities at work were to interpret and simplify the scientific content in order to develop exhibits/exhibitions, activities, including organizing an outreach program (Science Caravan) in different provinces all over the country.


Research topic

A study of visitor behavior and impact of the NSM Science Caravan.

This research project aims to focus on observation and analysis of the behaviour of visitors to NSM outreach program, the Science Caravan. It seeks to identify, analyse and understanding the impact of NSM Science Caravan on school children and examine in detail how students behave attending, and evaluate what they learn from the exhibitions and activities presented within the outreach program.